Thursday, April 23, 2009

I moved to Russia and taking part in a sewing class!

Friday, November 16, 2007

I want to start sew along

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Hi! I'm a beginner (had classes at school actually 15 years ago or so) and want to re-learn sewing. I choose easy pattern New Look 6419 for babies.
Join me or if you have advises for newbies, give them!
Reading "Sewing for dummies"
I actually had sewing classes at school in Russia. We sew an apron, a skirt and something else, so I'll remember it.

Sewing time begins!

I decided to learn to sew. Actually, I had classes at high school in Russia. But it was 15 years ago. I'm starting over. I went to "P&S Fabric" store in Manhattan and bought a baby pattern, fabric and notions. Yestarday asked my husband to "do me a favour" - to pay for sewing classes in Manhattan. he didn't say no. :)
I preshrink the fabric, ironed it and the pattern, also cut the pattern. It took so long!!!
Tomorrow I'm going to The Parsons to take Fashion Camp Tour!!